pligg – blogger doesn’t work

so the 1006 participants of Sockapalooza have to try something new: pligg
I just registered and hope I’ll understand its functions.
But another problem: I just got a secret e-mail account and when I tried if it works I realized that there is advertising in the mail which shows my pal from which country I am. Is this a problem? Do you know, where I get an email Account without any hints?

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3 Antworten zu „pligg – blogger doesn’t work“

  1. Avatar von ___desdemona___

    GMAIL! I love gmail. If you want an invite send me an email 😉

  2. Avatar von irisine

    Thanks, Desdemona, it helps a lot 😉

  3. Avatar von Carrie

    Are you using Yahoo? I’m not sure if this will work, but you could try setting up an account on a different country’s yahoo site–like, or I wish I’d thought of this sooner, it would be a good way to throw my pal off the trail (if she’s trying to trace it, that is).